Alparslan Episode 38 With Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 38

Alparslan Episode 38 With Urdu Subtitles

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Alparslan Episode 38 Summary

In Alparslan Episode 38,You lost Vaspurakan, Mr. Yınal. I swear The Seljuk throne will be ours. A wolf does not lie still in its cage. Mr. Çağrı fell into their trap. He’s in a critical state. I will go to Merv now. He’s losing a lot of blood. He heard Selim. For God, I would sacrifice my heart, like Hamza my soul, like Ali my head, like Hüseyin and, if need be, 1000 of my friends. Wake up, Yezidi.Lady Seferiye Lord Alparslan…What happened to Lord Alparslan? Watch Alparslan: the Great Seljuk on Monday on TRT1

Alparslan Episode 38 Story

bismillah, Allahu akbar oh my god My greetings to hacer-ul esved, my respect to you and your Messenger, the supreme Qur’an of my faith my affirmation, my loyalty to my eternal covenant, and my two To the Sunnah of Cihan Serveri Muhammed Mustafa (Sallallahu Alaihi and Sallam) be the seal of my sleep unlicensed, you are my vizier Our caliph may say kain, and His Holiness will come and fulfill the trust with his own hands. Before he put the Kaaba to the throat, he was safe in a place no one knew. It will be held for us, let’s take a rest here for a while Melik Alparslan Azerbaijan Neighborhood İbrahim came to a tune from the side Did he reach the heart in inal and send it from there to us? No, I hope Berit first arrived in Baghdad to the Caliphate Palace, His Holiness the Caliph told us ordered them to send No, I hope so, my uncle Sultan Tugrul The sword, which is my right, gave the one who left the money to Ünal Bey. say Melik Alparslan Hacerül goodbye As if we were slaves to these aspects, Aslan was in Baghdad under the claw of Abbas’ son. We can’t hold a handful of men in the city that we have brought to its knees and ruled. If hacer-ul-esved slipped out of your hand, why would you still let it go? it’s not over yet laying on my neck is a debt to my head if I can’t keep my promise I will make him suffer so much that he will be sacrificed for your mischief. Alparslan will come to me with his own feet Obviously, you couldn’t stop abruptly when you said that the headquarters was given to me, Yanal Bey. the goose is gone, and the lake is owned by the duck Ali Tekinoğlu Aslan Yusuf Sana for the last time  I say push, let go, understand, at the headquarters, by the Sultan’s command, it is informal. Are you deaf or is your soul a burden to you? The command of our edict sultan asks you to account for Alparslan. the account of my mother-in-law Hearing this word, palaces to the great mountains God likes to leave his back blank, watching our name. Flora Flora said where are you going I was waiting for you too you will handle me I heard my fathers talking, Suleiman is returning today I’ll go to the one who quits, I’ll go right back to the vasfura channel ayyuce God don’t be afraid with the merchant car I’ll go in, they won’t notice me among the Christian people, it’s too dangerous now I’m going to go tell your dad everything taste everything That Solomon was in my room, but when you hid it from him? My father sends me back to Constantinople at most But you you can’t get rid of it Obviously, our absence has left Final and Square, how is the liver we are looking for, burakhane? after the collapse, trusting the new colonel from us, the walls are good the possibility of using the name of our sultan what do you mean sultan bas, let Yanal Bey give it secretly? No, Ünal Bey does not say that if it is not the word of the Sultan, it is the word of the Sultan. but our sultan also said that Alparslan Bey’s sword does not give his right to halal Bey. They dragged them out, and one of the Seljuk sons makes the other Bozar. While one seeks to take my life, the other gives headquarters he gives it to İnal Bey, look at the state we are in, all the insults against me Karakhanid said, “I told you, you both leave darkness and Alparslan, you are my deputy, You have to ask Ünal Bey’s account for this. what would he ask for? After all, what you call right is not the Sultan’s property, he takes it from whom he wishes and gives it to whomever he wishes. What is surprising in this, of course, is the Sultan’s secret, why does he give it to whom, why does he take it from whom? It is not known, but where is the edict in the provisions when the moon is full there is no need to point fingers, the truth is in the square, not the Sultan, but the vaspurakani family If the Seljuks donated their property to Günal Bey, it would be his place, Yunus Bey’s right. I do not know whose right is Alparslan Bey, whom I know, until the period Burak Hanım It is entrusted to me. To protect this trust, I even took the heads of my own people. there is nothing to be calculated beyond anything else this time Don’t you understand that the owner of the property that you entrusted to me has come, Mr. Ünal, No one can take it, no one, I’m the one who entrusted this place to me The owner of the property only knows it, my place, and to anyone who tries otherwise, I declare on your behalf Alparslan Bey will come back once, and he will never show his work in Sarı What do you think will happen when Alparslan Bey comes? you’ll see throw it down Alpaslan Bey was Pro if my nephew came Mazura kana, which is my right, Finally from him But it’s time We’re about to reach the tip of the Seljuk So let’s even send a little frontal reconnaissance, shall we? Instead of preparing the piece of Elif and sticking it on my chest, he told Alparslan to the bottom of my nose. if you said you would enter or if you said it would be stolen Did they eat to die if you foresee everything If you had prevented my death and the stealing of my hacer-ül eswad, what would destiny always be? lose one’s judgment sometimes to live Until the next victory In fact, when the news came that you found healing and stood up, this is Bayra.

Alparslan Episode 38 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Watch or download Alparslan Episode 38 Subtitles (Alparslan Episode 38) in 1080p quality. Asif Chhohan IsMy youtube channel .With both English and Urdu Subtitles, the trailer is also available here. The release date for Alparslan Episode 38 is December 19th, 2022, and will air on ATV Channel in Turkish. For those who can’t understand Turkish but with subtitles available in their language, you can watch by clicking on this link when it is uploaded later.

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