Alparslan Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 39

Alparslan Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitles

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Alparslan Episode 39 Summary

In Alparslan Episode 39, your paper clip will be more assertive in hell Arslan distances from our wrath it will take too much My Sultan Alparslan Bey Arslan and kill their place and rule his Victory is from Allah If you’re going to fight, Pusat, not tongs you will get No, my daughter, is it bad news, father? Alparslan the Great Seljuk on Monday on TRT 1

Your fire will be stronger in hell Arslan Besasiri Alparslan Bey killed Arslan Besasiri and his soldiers and took the administration of the Inn. Victory is from Allah You can only get Surmari by fighting. Press the seal and I’ll spare your soul Selamunaleykum friends. Alparslan the Great Seljuk after an action-packed episode It ended at a moment when the excitement was at its peak. Alparslan Bey, After the episode ended with Besasiri locked in the burning cellar, TV series fans wondered if his Besasiri was dead. So what will happen in the new episode? Besasiri will he be saved? Did Alparslan take the Sürmari Inn? Let’s quickly answer these questions.
You noticed Alparslan and Alps at the Sürmari inn fighting Besasiri and Alexander’s men.
I don’t know if it’s Besasiri’s closest man, Esat before he stopped fighting and there was an explosion. He had run away to where it was going to explode, probably hiding somewhere. Burned in explosion The corpse at the place where he died belongs to him. The Surmari conquest, which would unlock the oracle and save Besasiri, took place in an interesting way. While there was to kill Grigor and the others and take Sürmari, Grigor gave Sürmari to Alparslan. He put a seal on the agreement that he transferred it. Most likely, Alparslan Bey is setting up a new game. We have come to the end of our video today, see you in the next video, God bless

Alparslan Episode 39 Story

In Previous Alparslan Episode 38, Our nephew Aslan, sharpens his claws at his uncle turkey in a cage the air is small so is the moon Who are you I don’t know what you see in your dream but you will wake up to a nightmare protecting our food surrounding the car take the position you two look it came from over there go and see Islam basically I was waiting for you to Joseph lateral son Melik İbrahim Lateral to ask for the account of your brother Cagri? You came to your nephew Alparslan’s m when it comes to you Fikret we didn’t get but first tell me you’re out of my way you do as it increases for what I told your brother You will take my punishment then I became so fond of it Cagri Bey’s son You say Alparslan can do whatever you want. put my bottoms behind you and get in your way immediately if you didn’t cut so that our acquaintance If you keep going this way what about your life or take Alparslan from your hand I Came To Say You Lose This is both of us It doesn’t matter to you, Emir’s composition  the hand you reached out to take the throne Sultan for not cutting and forgiving you You became inseparable from the knee of the tour All this time you have neither sent news nor you asked for news from us I thought you gave up on taking the throne but remove Alparslan from the path according to your wishes Time to talk about where my way is not for example If you want to save your life change your way when it comes to asking Surely his time will come For sacrifice to the Seljuk throne I will do whatever it takes be sure me the caliph to give you medicine and Hope on behalf of and ready to recite do it like this make your account accordingly and Vela that Account see post- later if so the only prey to my trap You know it’s not Alpaslan brother.

Didn’t you hear my baby, Sakarya horse my sultan I said that order is superior to good manners. I’ve been sitting like But while you’re here you lost the bass player Yanal Bey I will not take you there with an edict in your hand. I sent you with the word on your waist You said that your word is an edict, my Sultan We do whatever is necessary for accordance with this. Is this what had to be done Sultan Alparslan Alparslan Family Seljuk from me, so Dynasty without the consent of the owner even though he did not deliver to informal your prayer what did you do to inform me of your condition and madness I promised to succumb to your ambition I’m passing I’m chasing you I besieged the castle now you treated your will as your enemy As if it wasn’t enough, I also took from kefir With the catapult, he pours his hand into the blood of his subjects Catapult separate, don’t talk to me I found the way Everyone with the case reveals their worth swept away patience and calm Look for the gentleman It is also an ornament for those who have a Bey chick. These are the foremost virtues I thoroughly understood that I’m a candidate, this is the state we’ve established. our mortal bodies are not of this world But with this adornment when it’s gone adorned gentlemen and in the hands of chicks will find lasting.

Alparslan Episode 39 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Watch or download Alparslan Episode 39 Subtitles (Alparslan Episode 39) in 1080p quality. Asif Chhohan IsMy youtube channel .With both English and Urdu Subtitles, the trailer is also available here. The release date for Alparslan Episode 39 is December 26, 2022, and will air on ATV Channel in Turkish. For those who can’t understand Turkish but with subtitles available in their language, you can watch by clicking on this link when it is uploaded later.

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