Alparslan Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 57 With Urdu Subtitles

                                                                                                         Kurulus Osman

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 57  Story

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 57, No one can prevent us from conquering Ani, not even Allah Himself! Master Yakup, you possess some of the finest architecture skills in this region. My late uncle Sultan Tugrul always spoke very highly of you due to your ability to infiltrate among the infidels and serve the Seljuk state on multiple occasions. May Allah bring our sultan to Jannah – Amen. We heard that Count Leon plans on constructing a massive wall between us and Ani, which is why he needs skilled architects such as yourself.

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Afterward, you will plant naphtha in the wall supports secretly. Ani is waiting for us! We must cut the heads of those who think they can stop the Turks! No! Nobody can destroy that wall! The wall is destroyed, sir, let us leave as soon as possible. We need to leave without losing any time, Adrian. The wall cannot be destroyed! Turks will move to Ani soon! We have to leave as soon as possible! Ani will not be taken! My wolves! My unshakable soldiers!

Hail the Red Apple! To you, my Sultan of the Seljuk state who has inspired us to fight for our goal. Our enemies will soon know they cannot obstruct our journey as we used the mighty explosion that pierced their hearts. We are merely carrying out your wishes and remain loyal to it. May you ever be respected, O great one!

Your duty will now be performed with your own name in the Red Apple. However, there is something you should know, my Sultan. During the construction of the wall, I noticed something suspicious. What is it? Count Leon visited the forest on the other side of the Ani when he inspected the wall. I wanted to check that area, but the infidel soldiers stopped me. It looks like that demon is up to something else, I believe.

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 57 With English Subtitles

Ani’s infidels must have gone crazy after the wall was torn down. Only the cruel ones, Kavurt Bey, are insane. Let’s go kill them and accept the innocents. Let’s raise our sacred Sanjac on the towers of Ani. Let’s go. Let’s keep going! On the horses! Ani is ours damn it! We shouldn’t run! The Turks should.

We’ll pass through Surmavid and meet with the Georgians there. It’s unfortunate that they don’t know of their king’s passing; it’ll surely be met with much anger. How long should we remain in that area, my Sultan? We’ll stay until the Turks have abandoned Ani and news of our great King Bagrat defending Rome and Kayzer has spread. No sign of an invading force has been spotted and no reports from our lookouts have been sent. I’m not certain if this is a favorable situation or not.

He strongly believed that the wall would be sufficient to prevent us. So, not taking any other steps he shouted: “Let’s go! Get him out. We’re leaving! Come on! Hurry up, Sultan Alparslan! Faster, damn it, faster!” Pointing at a spot he continued: “This is where the infidel soldiers stopped me. They blocked my way. If we don’t know what lies ahead then I suggest we should divide and continue our search separately; Artug, you take one route and I’ll take another. If you come across something significant make sure to send someone to inform me.” Then waving his arm forward he declared “Well then, let’s move!”

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