Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 25

Barbarossa Episode 26 Summery

  • Gabriel Next Plan?
  • Shabaz’s Next Plan?
  • When will arooj agha hand be healed?
  • Will Shebaz leave the series?
  • What will Next be about the pasha character?

Gabriel’s Next Plan?

In Barbarossa Episode 26, Khizir tries to catch Gabriel, but he says he will not surrender. Gabriel attacks Khizir but fails.

In episode 26 khizer attack gabrial and save the arooj agha and intawan. But Gabrial fired on aroog agha so aroog agha arm injured.

In all of us khizer set free of arooj agha to Gabrial.

While Pierro is waiting for Gabriel to arrive, he realizes that something is wrong. Khizir goes to the hill with Gabriel and asks Pierro to release Oruj.In Barbarossa Episode 25 Shebaz is cheating with khizer and also attack khizer when Kizer attacks Gabrial.

Gabriel stops Pierro and tells him that Pasha is still attacking the island. Khizir tries to persuade Gabriel about the exchange but fails.

In all Of that my point of view Gabrial’s character is left. So your point of view please tell me in the comments section.

Barbarossa Episode 26

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Shabaz’s next plan?

In my point of view, arooj agha captured the shabaz and kill them .because shabaz internal affaire.

When will arooj agha’s hand be healed?

In my point of view upcoming 2 or 3 episode arooj agha hand is alright.

Will Shebaz leave the series?

In my point of view, shabaz will leave the series. Because all of the internal affairs and cheating with khizer and arooj shabaz is involved.

So enough time has for Shabaz in the Barbarossa series.

What will Next about the pasha character?

In Barbarossa Episode 24 Pasha learns that Shehzade is coming to Kelemez soon and he panics a lot. Pasha says he will kill Gabriel to calm Shehzade.

Gabrial takes a step with shebaz and shebaz cheats with khizer.

Khizir says he will not give Gabriel to anyone without taking Oruj. Pasha says Shehzade is coming and has to kill Gabriel to cover up his mistakes.

In Barbarossa Episode 25 While Khizir is trying to take Oruj from Gabriel, Pasha comes and says he wants to kill him.

In my point of view, Shezade Korkut man hamza bey investigates the pasha all of the work that interferes with khizer and arooj.

And on other words, hamza bey complains to the shahada Korkut to get out of the pasha position.

Khizir asks Pasha for a day to save Oruj and immediately starts making a plan.

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