Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 21 With English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 21 With English Subtitles

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Barbarossa Season 3 Episode 1 Summary

In Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 21, Stream Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 21 with English & Urdu Subtitles. This historical drama is based on the life of “Barbaros” Hayreddin Pasha and his brothers. Watch Barbarossa Episode 21 with English & Urdu Subtitles and 1080p Ultra HD Quality. In pursuit of the holy secret, Ishak, Oruc, Hizir, and Ilyas fight high tides and the secrets of the seas.

Isaac (Titken Dickensler) is the oldest of the Barbarossa brothers and is a potter, having followed in his father’s footsteps. He lives on Middle Island with his wife and two children and prefers to keep life peaceful, far from danger. Meanwhile, Uruk (Engin Altan Doziatan) has decided to pursue his ambition of becoming a sailor despite his elder brother’s disagreement, being brave, daring, charismatic, and intelligent. Unfortunately, this leads to a struggle in Uruk’s marriage with Despina (Gulkan Arslan).

While his older brother Isaac wants his brothers to settle down in Medele and have a normal life, Hazir (Ulas Tuna Astepe) abandons his passion for the sea and becomes a merchant. As a merchant, Hazir had no choice but to follow his older brother’s wishes. In spite of becoming a merchant, he didn’t give up his passion for the sea.

After being away for a lengthy period of time, Hizir made his way back to Midilli, where his older brother stayed. No sooner had he arrived, chaos ensued and things got out of control. Eventually, he came across his teacher who was trying to find the secret key to the divine book. To protect it from any foes, Hizir set sail for Kalimnos Island where he encountered Zainab (Meles Babadag), a delightful Muslim lady. Unfortunately, Oruc and Ilyas were thrown into disarray and gained enemies, and among them was Antoine (Devrim Evin). His sibling was murdered by Uruk Reis which caused Antoine to become one of the Barbarossa brothers’ greatest adversaries.

How to Watch Barbarossa Season 3 Episode 21 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Watch or Download Barbarossa Episode 21 with English Subtitles in 1080 Resolution only on MultiPoint TV. Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 21 release date is in October 2023.

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