Ertugrul Ghazi History

Ertugrul Ghazi History


In Ertugrul Ghazi History,Ertugrul Ghazi History, Ertuğrul Gazi, who died around 1280-81, was the father of Osman I. Little is known about his life other than that he was a bey and according to Ottoman legend, the son of Suleyman Shah from the Kayı tribe; a claim which has been challenged by historians. Believed to have been of Oghuz Turk origins (known as Turkomans by then), it has alternatively been suggested that Gündüz Alp may have been his father. It is said that after his father’s death Ertuğrul and his followers served the Sultanate of Rum and in return they were given control over Söğüt on the Byzantine Empire’s border. This relationship ultimately triggered the formation of the Ottoman Empire.

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Little is known about Ertuğrul with certainty; what exists are stories written around a century after his death by the Ottomans. Historians rely on these anecdotes for information, although their accuracy is uncertain. Written sources from about one hundred to one hundred and fifty years after the Ottoman dynasty was established indicate that Ertuğrul’s lineage extended back to Noah via Oghuz Khagan and then Gökalp, son of Oghuz Khagan. This information was reportedly narrated during Jahan Shah’s court from a book written in Mongolian script.

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