Five Great Movies To Stream Now

Five Great Movies To Stream Now

Five Great Movies To Stream Now This month’s picks include a fresh German queer romance, a Malayalam-language mafia thriller, and a South African horror flick.

No Hard Feelings

Stream it on the Goethe-Institut website

In Five Great Movies To Stream Now The Goethe-Institut is hosting a free online series. If you’re looking for something new to stream, give it a look. The film includes sweet and sour conflicts in the relationship between a gay man and his parents. The son of exiles from Iran, Parvis (Benjamin Radjaipour) lives a carefree life. We first meet him when he’s dancing at a nightclub in his white mesh top that shines in the strobe lights. Meeting a man via a dating app, Parvis put him in his place when he made a racist comment.

Parvis is assigned to community service and befriends a pair of asylum seekers from Iran. He learns from them about their past and present situations. As Parvis and Amon start to fall in love, and Bana is faced with deportation, Parvis realizes how much they have in common despite their different backgrounds thanks to nothing but an accident of birth. The movie “No Hard Feelings” is both uplifting and sad. It explores the two different points of view with brilliant color and great elegance. If you’re looking for a moving, poignant film that is also uplifting and sincere, No Hard Feelings is the one for you. The protagonist in the film has overcome a life of prejudice and uncertainty; their struggles are legitimate and heartbreaking, but they never give up hope.

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The opening of this film is a long take, navigating through the hallways and rooms of a crowded house to introduce us to Sulaiman, who decides to do right in his life and embark on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Mahesh Narayanan sets the scene for his novel. One that plunges the readers into a gritty world without providing much exposition beforehand. Following a moment of prayer, Sulaiman is arrested at the airport. Freddy (Sanal Aman), Sulaiman’s 17-year-old nephew, is enlisted by the police to slay him in custody. When Freddy contemplates this fearsome task, Family members visit and recount his rise from the poverty of Sulaiman as well as his dedication to protecting coastal Muslim and Christian villages.“Malik” is a movie set in the world of Arabic organized crime. It follows Sulaiman as he goes against the local gang. As you learn more about him, you have to decide whether his noble intentions justify some of the violence that takes place in the movie. This film explores the symbiosis between different aspects of society, and how they come together to form a cohesive and destructive system. The film references that India has gone through several prominent events like the 2002 religious riots and the 2004 tsunami.

Good Madam

Stream it on Shudder.

This unsettling gothic tale is about a black maid, Mavis, and her white employer, Diane. They live in South Africa where apartheid forces Mavis’s daughter to grow up in poverty. In the opening scene, we see Tsidi arriving at Diane’s house with her daughter after the death of her grandmother and being turned away. There’s a dead dog that seems to have come back to life and colonial artifacts on the walls that exude malevolence. However, Mavis’s excessively obsequious behavior toward Diane, an unseen presence who is hidden away from her guest behind closed doors, makes it seem like she doesn’t care about her at all. Is Mavis’s servitude, which Tsidi finds ridiculous, the result of an unknown spell or decades of racist indoctrination? “Good Madam” reimagines racism as a kind of dark magic and uses it to create an eerie atmosphere.

The City of Wild Beasts

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Tato is a delinquent young man living in Colombia. He is 17 years old and has many friends to make this film about coming of age easily relate. This film portrays tough kids from rough neighborhoods and avoids typical sensationalism. In this story, Tato faces very difficult times alone in the city. He has to avoid becoming a victim of gang violence and also needs to find ways to make money. Tato then meets his estranged grandfather and starts living a life of work and looking at the horizon. In the end, his grandfather gives him some money and teaches him a valuable life lesson: “Work is sacred.”The protagonist’s hunger for love and beauty is lasting, even in tough times. The film moves with Tato through life and even as he faces difficulties where both are hard-won. The plot line never loses sight of the protagonist’s struggle for love and beauty, which persist despite hard toil.

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“Clytaemnestra” is a layered drama about a South Korean theater troupe rehearsing a play in Greece. It’s the evil cousin of “Drive My Car”. This movie may be described as philosophical, but it’s a more salacious and cynical story behind the scenes, where directing and acting are tyrannical power plays. An unnamed director gathers five actresses in Greece for a workshop on the production of Aeschylus’s “Agamemnon.” The director uses forceful methods, which result in conflicts between the cast members, specifically between Hye Bin and Kim Ian, who are competing for the role of Clytemnestra. Pak Chi-young choreographs in a set design rich with grand history, but he ironically undercuts the director’s assumptions of grandeur. It actually shows the impulses that amplify even classical tragedies are much cruder and banal than we might assume them to be.

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