kuruluş Osman 125 bölüm Full

kuruluş osman 125 bölüm Full

In kuruluş Osman 125 bölüm, The balances change at the extremes. Nayman wants to make an agreement with Bursa Tekfuru against Osman Bey. What is Nayman’s move to reach an agreement with Bursa Tekfuru?

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Is Osman Bey aware of the danger? It is obvious that if Bursa Tekfuru and Nayman unite, their existence will be in jeopardy. Will Osman Bey take any action to prevent this?

WHAT IF SHEIKH EDEBALI CAN EVADE NAYMAN’S HAND? Osman Bey confronts Bursa Tekfuru. What’s the outcome of this tension? Nayman goes insane when he finds out Bursa Tekfuru and Osman Bey are meeting. He targets Şeyh Edebalı to harm Osman Bey. Will Sheikh Edebali be saved?


There is no end to Ismihan Sultan’s collaboration with Nayman. As per the plan, Ismihan Sultan will finish Osman Bey from the inside, while Nayman will finish him from the outside. Ismihan Sultan is covered in blood. Malhun Hatun is holding a dagger at her head. Is Ismihan Sultan going to die? What awaits Malhun Hatun? The Sultan Messud is with the Osman Bey.

Osman Bey is standing side by side with Sultan Mesud. Ismihan has his big plan in action against Sultan and Nayman. What is Osman Bey’s big plan? Osman Bey assigns Cerkutay to break Nayman’s power. Cerkutay has infiltrated under the guise of Nöker. Nayman made catapults that possessed ten times the power of ten catapults. Osman Bey realizes Nayman is targeting Yenişehir.


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