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Kurulus Osman Episode 103 With Urdu Subtiles

Kurulus Osman Episode 103

Kurulus Osman Episode 103 With Urdu Subtiles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 103 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 103, Will Olof become a Muslim? When will Bayındır Bay be revealed? Will Sarkote get married to Oljan Hatun? And will Aktimorebe get married to Alçiçek Hatun?Let’s talk first about whether Olof will become a Muslim. See Many channels are presenting the analysis that Olof will convert to Islam. And Osman Bey will join the ranks. See If something like this actually happened, it would be amazing. A strong and clever warrior like Olof when will cooperate with Usman Bey, then the power of Usman Bey will more than before. As far as my review is concerned, let me tell you that the audience is loving the character of Olof. But still, I do not think that Olof will join the ranks of Osman and become a Muslim. On the other hand, it seems that Olof’s handmaiden Frigg will not live long. Rather, she will be killed soon. I think the attack on Actimore After disclosure She will be killed by Bala Hatton. So when Ferg is killed by the hands of the upper hand Think of Olof in such a situation, how angry he would be, and how aggressive he would be, especially Against Usman Bey and his family, so I think he will not see anything because of his hatred. So that’s why I think Olof
It will not be a Muslim.

on the other hand, Bayındır Bey Barkin is unique. The only difference is that he was fighting for power. And it’s fighting to sleep. In other words, their dirty work is the same. According to my analysis, Bayındır Bey will be ignominiously executed in the middle of the season Will Aktemur and Alçiçek get married? According to my analysis, they will definitely get married. In fact, when Öktem Bey was martyred. Then Osman Bey would give the administration of Oktam Bey’s tribe to Oktimor for some time. As for Cerkutay and Ülgen, II t looks like they will get married too, but I can’t say for sure, Cirquete’s attitude is important here, Sercote doesn’t feel that way at the moment. Besides, as you know
Cerkutay also has children, I think they are only 4-5 years old. So maybe in the upcoming episodes, the children of Jeraktai will be included in the series. And Orjan Hatun to those who were deprived of their mother’s love, Oljan Hatun If Cerkutay shows kindness and tolerance to the children of Cerkutay, Cerkutay can be affected by this and both
can marry

Kurulus Osman Episode 103 Story

Peace be upon you friends. I still don’t understand the season since it started
How can this continue? Meaning Olof, Kantakouzenos and Frigg do whatever they want and no one can screw them up.nIf we talk about some scenes from the previous episode
Upstairs While fighting the masked frag, she stabs him in the arm. After that, when Bala Hatun arrives in Yeni city, Bala Hatun suspects that Ferg is Martha. So later, Bala Haton also squeezes Martha’s arm out of suspicion. Actually, Bala Hatton wanted to see if Martha could be a frag. Apart from this, in the second scene of Martha, Bala Haton takes her
Followed, stopped him, and searched his car, etc., but found nothing. In my opinion, Balahaton should have opened Martha’s arm and checked for any injuries. This would have identified the real culprit. on the other hand Another criticism of mine is that Usman Bey saved the Emperor’s life twice but even then the Emperor did not believe Usman Bey. So the purpose of my saying this is that if the relationship between the emperor and Usman Bay was not to be repaired, then what was the purpose of Usman to save the emperor?
I think these events will be over in a few episodes Now let’s talk about what will happen in the new episode. See my review Ökte Bey’s exile would actually be Osman Bey’s plan. After being punished Osman Bey will continue to follow Ökten Bey and try to find out if Ökten Bey is really collaborating with someone or if he is really innocent. on the other hand
Amore will rescue Ilyich Haton from the predicament she finds herself in. According to my analysis Octamore must have seen or felt something before he was injured and fell. So Ilechik Hutun will be saved from Aktimore’s curse. Aktimore’s Alçiçek rescue will bring the two closer. And with me Alçiçek Hatun’s mother’s hostility towards Aktimore will also end.
According to my analysis. A romance between Alçiçek and Aktemur will start after 2 or 3 episodes. Also, we have a feeling that there will be some more development between Konralp and Ophelia, as Mount Noralp is protecting Ophelia from all kinds of trouble. Do you think Noralup and Ophelia should get married? Must tell in the comment section. on the other hand Usman Bey planned very cleverly. Arranged a game against Olof and Kantakouzenos. Osman Bey told Kantakouzenos that Olof has come to kill you on the order of the emperor. So then you see that Kantakouzenos got into Osman Bey’s words. According to my analysis in the next episode, Usman Bey Kantakuzinos will talk to Bathakravlov in a different room of the mansion. Then there is Usman Bey Olof will try to know the actual plan and Othman Bey will talk to Olof there that his alliance with Kantakouzenos is based on interest, after that when Kantakouzenos will listen to all Olof’s words then Othman Bey will break the partnership between Olof and Kantakouzenos. After that, both of them will try to dig each other’s well.

Kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 4) with English, Urdu Subtitles

You won’t need to look any further for an Asif Chhohan show! Kurulus Osman is available in English, Urdu, and Spanish.MultiPoint TV and Kurulus Osman Episode 103 release date is Nov 9, 2022. Here you can download, watch or download in 1080p Kurulus Osman Episode 102 Full (Season 4 Episode 4).full episode mp4 1920p in 240×240, 360×240, 480×320, 720×480 and 1080p video upload by MultiPoint TV. This episode of Kurulus Osman will air tonight at 8 pm EST on ATV Channel. If you don’t understand Turkish, you can still watch the live stream over here. The TV channel will post the full episode tomorrow morning on their YouTube channel, but for now, all you have to do is click here to watch Kurulus Osman live.

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