Kurulus Osman Episode 128 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 128 With Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 128 Story

In Kurulus Osman Episode 128, Is there any news of Usman Bey, where is he? The signs point in this direction. what trace There were blood stains on the floor. No news yet, I am curious about Usman and his children. pack up! Usman who dreamed of victory will die today. Prepare the horses of the Alps! I will destroy all the lands of Uthman. Finally, Konya! When it ends, all the rivers will be red with blood. Today we will either be martyred here or this will remain the homeland of the Turks. Oh God! Oh God!

what trace There were traces of blood on the ground, Finally Konya, or Allah Selamunaleyküm Friends. Welcome to the new analysis of the 128th chapter of Establishment Usman. Today’s video briefly talks about some of the events that are likely to happen in the next episode. Tekfur Valens, who foresaw Uthman Bey’s moves and strategized accordingly, laid an unexpected trap for Usman Bey, who had come to kill the commanders at the headquarters in the jungle and Caught her children with Naaman. On the other hand, Asmihan et Sultan Alauddin, who was captured, was taken by Esrigan’s men to Ghazan Khan to take Tabriz. So what happens now? Will Ismihan and Aladdin survive? How will Usman Bey get out of the camp where he is injury prone? He will save Usman Bey and his children from this trap in which he was caught, with the B of Bodz Obasi, and by a shock to the Alps. Büğdüz, a small Oba, Nayman, and Valens’ mobs could not hold out against the soldiers for long. As Usman Bey’s horse is well trained, When Usman Bey does not arrive long enough, he goes back to his home, Yenisehir, by himself. When Usman Bey’s horse comes alone, then The circuit will follow the tracks from the direction the horse came and will find the direction of Osman Bay and reach the Büğdüz camp. Nayman and Valens, who are in a difficult situation with the help of the besieged Büğdüz tribe, They will end the siege and escape. Thus Usman Bey, Orhan, Aladdin, and Boran will be saved. I believe that Ismihan and Sultan Alauddin will be taken to Tabriz without any hindrance. In Tabriz, Asmihan could be summarily executed for collaborating with the rebel Numan. But Sultan Alauddin will be detained. When we look only at history We find that soon after he left for Tabriz he was killed with a dagger by a Mongol soldier who was his bodyguard. Esrigün and Boran, on the other hand, are performing another task, possibly disrupting a nefarious plan set up by Nayman. When we look at the clothes of this Mongol woman with Naaman It gives the impression that he is an important person. In a later scene, We see a Mongol woman tied to a tree next to Naaman in the area where Esrigun is cutting down Naaman’s soldiers. This woman that Esrigün and Boran are trying to save may be related to Ghazan Han. Meanwhile, It is claimed that there will be a reunion between Boran and Esrigan in the upcoming episodes. A spark may have been ignited in the mission these two are doing. Today we have reached the end of our video, see you in the next video, may God bless you.

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