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Kurulus Osman Episode 88 Summary

  • What will kurulus Osman upcoming episode 88?
  • Which Osman bey attack on tekfores house?
  • Whose person attack back the seljan hatun?
  • What about talks on aryus with Barkin bey?
  • Will turgut and kosis unity with osman bey?
  • How Osman bey sure to gundoz bey is innocent?


What will kurulus Osman upcoming episode 88?

In previous episode Kurulus Osman Episode 87, Fakih returns immediately after the explosion in Saray meeting room. and tries to help Osman. And Barkin also reached there because Osman bey doesn’t doubt.

After reaching Barkin and aryus  Osman opens his eyes after a short while and tries to understand what is going on. Osman orders the boran alap entrances of Sogut to be closed immediately.

Other Side Cornelia and Selvi begin to say that Gunduz is responsible for the explosion in Sogut. Therefore gundoz try to run the tribe. Other side  Osman saves Sheikh with his soldiers and takes him to the hospital immediately.

Which osman bey attack on tekfore house?

If you watched the previous episode then remember that Osman bey send a kohnor alp to inhasaar Kila governor

and Osman bey gave a message through Kohinoor alap that inhasaar governer pay taxes immediately otherwise we attack the castle.

but inhasaar tekfors dont belive kohnor alap message. so after that the next trailer you watched Osman bey attack inhasaar castle. and defeat them and win the castle.

Will turgut and kosis unity with osman bey?

If we talk about kosis and Turgut bey unity with Osman bey in my point of view upcoming episode kosis once more unity with Osman.

because kosis know that gundoz is innocent and there is someone of Mari killer. Over here Mari killer hint kosis give Nikola talks. because aryus talks in kurulus osman episode 88 trailer that someone involved in my plan whether enemy of Osman I will drown it in darkness.

So that talks of aryus we guess Nikola involve in aryus plan. or may be gungur bey that was not seen in the previous 2 episodes he try to involve aryus plan.

Whose person attack back the seljan hatun?

in my point of view kornilya or Barkin bey send a man to kill the seljan hatun order of aryus.in the previous episode, Barkin told the kornilya to kill the seljan hatun.

so that Barkin talks are not a waste in series. So any way seljan hatun is quick to leave the series in upcoming episodes. But currently, upcoming episode 88 seljan has not been left. because she saves herself.

How Osman bey sure to gundoz bey innocent?

First of all Osman bey know the gundoz bey is innocent .but all of the enemy and black shadow man Ibrahim faki makes to gundoz bey blam he kill the Mari and involves the explosion of saraye.

In previous episode Mari killed blame on gundoz bey .because all things gesture on gundoz bey. After kumral Abdal checked everything, he tells everything gesture on gundoz that Mari was poisoned.

Abdal says he found the bottle of poison in Gunduz’s tent. After Turgut hears this, he attacks Gunduz.

While the soldiers in the tribe are trying to stop Turgut, Osman comes. Osman asks what is going on. Turgut tells that Gunduz killed Mari and her unborn child.

Kosses immediately goes to Mari’s tent and sees his sister’s lifeless body. Kosses apologizes to his sister and says he regrets not being able to protect her.

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