Kurulus Osman Episode 89 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 89

Kurulus Osman Episode 89 Summary

  • What will next in the upcoming episode 89?
  • Will Osman bey catch a traitor?
  • What will happen to seljan hatun?
  • Will Cornelia tell about Barkin bey and arius?
  • When will anagol castle to victorious?

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What will next in the upcoming episode 89?

In Kurulus Osman Episode 88, While the Alps are fighting the Byzantine soldiers, Osman begins to follow Arius. Osman attacks Arius again.

But Barkin bey involve in Osman and arius’s fight due to arius managed to escape and forward to Nikola to save the arius.

Will Osman Catch the traitor?

In my point of view, Osman bey knows all that barkin bey and Ibrahim faki is traitor. Who is playing all the games?

But all of that Osman bey need the strongest evidence. When Osman bey meets the first time to arius and fights with each other then Osman bey hit the soward to strike on the shoulder.

In the second meeting, Osman picks up his shoulder of arius and sees the impression on his face. So all of the assumptions is clear to Ibrahim faki is also is arius.

What will happen to seljan hatun?

On the other side, Arius says he will leave Osman alone and sends two chests of gold to Barkin.

Then Barkin arranged a meeting of other beys and declare a new bey of our bey. Barkin then holds a meeting with the Beys in the tribe and says he wants to be the new Bey.

On the way, Ibrahim faki is reached there and dinner with Osman bey.

Then Seljan hatun enter in osman bey tent coverd with blood. In my point of view when seljan hatun praying for a namaz then arius man tries to kill seljan hatun then kornilia forward to save the seljan hatun because seljan hatun trusts herself.

In my point of view currently, seljan hatun has not left the series.

Will Kornilia tell about barkin bey and arius?

In upcoming episode 89 we saw a trailer malun, bala, seljan captured a cornilia to investigate all affairs of oba.

Here is my point of view Cornelia tries to suicide or otherwise Barkin bey man kill the Cornelia.

When will anagol castle to victorious?

In previous episode 88, Osman sets out with his soldiers to attack Inhisar. And said the turgut bey to announced the castle that the new owner of the castle is Turgut.

On the other side in kye tribeĀ Osman says he will find out who blew up the in soon, but Turgut objects to him. Osman asks Turgut to leave the tribe.

Some of the attendees object to Barkin. Barkin says he is innocent and respects Beys’ decision. Ibrahim says it is wrong for Turgut to act without permission. Osman says it’s time to stop Turgut.

In my point of view upcoming new teckfores of belijik then angol defeat them. in your point of view please write in the comments section.


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