Kurulus Osman Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 93

Kurulus Osman Episode 93 Summary

  • When will the new episode of the series be released?
  • Will Byzantine character Romanos Gundoz Bay be martyred?
  • When will Mihal kosis become a Muslim?

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When will the new episode of the series be released?

In Kurulus Osman Episode 93 According to sources, the Osman series is currently undergoing Eid holidays. Due to the Eid holidays, several TV series airing in Turkey will take a week off. The 93rd episode of the series, which was scheduled to air on May 4 According to the information received, it has been revealed that this will be a week late, meaning that it will be aired on May 11. So far this statement has not been taken by the production team of the series but Turkish sources are giving similar information.

Will Byzantine character Romanos Gundoz Bay be martyred?

On the other hand, as we have told you in our previous analysis video that the role of Gunduz Bay is the same season. I will say goodbye to the series. At the moment no one knows who will martyr the character of Gunduz Bay. According to my analysis, the Byzantine commander Roman Vass has just joined the series.

In the past, a Byzantine commander who came to Nicola had martyred Osman Bey’s brother Sauji Bey, but now Joe’s romance has become like that of Byzantine commander Nicola.
Apart from this, there is no such information in the historical sources as to who martyred Gunduz B in the history. What do you think about it?
On the other hand, the soldiers of Arius have entered the tribe in the guise of Byzantine soldiers. At the time when Usman Beina is under siege of Gol Fort, they can make amazing movements in the tribe.
Arriving on a special mission of Arius in the Qai tribe, these soldiers would pose a great threat to the heavens. If the character of Arius had made a plan before his death, under this plan he would carry out night operations in the military tribe.

When will Mihal kosis become a Muslim?

When will Mihal Kosis become a Muslim as we have already told you in my previous article I will gradually become a convert to Islam? Will go
After that many soldiers in the fort of Harmani may oppose the current situation in Sis. Either they will leave the palace or the civil war will start in the fort. I will solve this problem

In fact, with the victory of Aina Gol and Yar Hissar, every Manika will become the property of the Qai tribe without conquest.
Due to this, the Byzantine emperor could send a large army against Osman Bey will be more.

On the other hand, after the conquest of Anna Gol Bilicik yarhisar and hermanika, the power of Osman Bay will increase so much that it will be greater than both the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk State.

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