Kurulus Osman Episode 98 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 98

Kurulus Osman Episode 98 Summary

  • What will happen in the next 98 episode?
  • Will Jerkatai say goodbye to the series?
  • Who will say goodbye to the nearby Alps series of Usman Bay?
  • What will Sultan Aladdin do now?
  • Will Mongol join Season Four?

What will happen in the next 98 episode?

In Kurulus Osman Episode 98, Usman Bay has finally announced to the world a state. He also explained about the tribes that joined him.
Now all that is left is to deliver the sermon and issue a coin in the name of Usman Bay. Look, Usman has martyred many lives for this purpose. And it is still going on.
So what will happen in the upcoming new episode? Will Eagle Hutton be martyred? That is why we have already told you about it in the previous episode.

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Will Jerkatai say goodbye to the series?

That Eagle Hatton is about to leave the series. But when you watch the 98-episode trailer, you are convinced. That Eagle Hatton will now leave the series. Unfortunately, there will be many goodbyes in the coming episode.

Who will say goodbye to the nearby Alps series of Usman Bay?

And if we talk about Dawn Bay and Kamral Abdal here, as we have seen from the beginning in the series, Dawood Ustad looked like a warm man. And if he always talked about being a martyr, then according to my analysis, this wish will be fulfilled during the conquest of Yeni city in the next installment.
And they will leave the series.

What will Sultan Aladdin do now?

Let’s talk now about whether Usman will unofficially declare his state in the coming episode.
So let me tell you about it, the next installment of Usman Bay will announce his state. Because as you can see where Usman Bay was the envoy of Sultan Alauddin III.
From now on, the Qai tribe is not under anyone’s shadow. He also said that the Kazal tribe and all the frontier tribes are now under my control.
He also said that with the conquest of the city of Annie, a coin bearing his name would be issued in Enagol. See, apart from these things, a sermon in the name of Usman Bay is also to be given.

In the coming episode, when Usman Bay will order the issuance of a coin in his own name, he may also order a sermon in his own name.
Which will be taught by Sheikh Adabali’s son-in-law. And maybe they’ll join the series in the next episode.
In declaring the state of Usman Bay, there is also evidence that Usman Bay is advising Alauddin and Hann Bay that the state belongs to you and you will be able to live freely in this state.
So this means that in the coming episode, Usman will formally announce the establishment of a stateless state.

Will Mongol join Season Four?

Will Mangol join the upcoming season four? As you have seen this season, the uprising in the Mongol state has weakened it.
And in Anatolia, the Mongols are gone. In my experience, in the coming episode, some rebellious Mongols will appear in this area. Which will be important in creating excitement in the series.

What will be the reaction of Sultan Allauddin III? When he finds out that Usman Bay has established his state because the Seljuk state has lost complete control.
In addition, Usman Bay has become much more powerful since the tribes of the border areas merged with Usman Bay. It will not be easy for the Seljuk state to stop it.
Therefore, the new ruler of the Seljuk state, Sultan Allauddin III, had to accept the rule of Usman Bay.

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