Kurulus Osman Episode 99 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 99

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 99 With Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 99 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 99, Peace be upon you friends. The pictures of the 11 players in the main cast of the new season have been shared on the official Instagram account of Establishment Usman. So now the fans must wonder which roles these new actors will play. So let’s tell you about it in today’s video. If we start with Usman Bey’s enemies in the new season, I think Usman Bey’s enemies will be more in this coming new season. Let us give you our analysis of some of the pictures that have been published on social media. When we look at these five actors, according to my assessment they will all be bad characters. Because the positive characters in the series are sitting aside Meaning those who have the same script is on one side and they are sitting next to each other, While the bad characters are looking the other way. We have guessed these bad characters by their clothes and getup. The first person in the group; the actor is Hakan Yilmaz, I don’t think he will be that person in the series. Jo will be playing a simple role, rather he will be playing a big bad character in the series. Because of his outfit, it looks like he will be playing a hero in the series. I think it’s more likely that Bursa’s Tecforbane.

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As for the character next to him, his name wasn’t in the post, but we assume from the cloak on his back that he was. Either there will be a major commander or a techfor, I think it could be the techfor of Iznik. The man with the bald beard in the middle is Ünsal Özcan, who first Ayazalp played the role of Seljuk with Senjar Bey in the series. So now this character in the fourth season of Kurulus Osman series The Katalan commander Roger de Flore and the man next to him may be his assistant and with him. Kaan Yalçın is the last person on the extreme left.

Kurulus Osman Episode 99 Story

Kurulus Osman Episode 99 Story

He will play the role of a Turkish chieftain in the fourth season While the young actress Meera will play the role of Sardar’s daughter. I think İpek Karapınar The wife of Tursan Fakih, who joins the series at the end of the season, and the adopted daughter of Şeyh Edabali, she was not cast for Yes. Peace be upon you friends. In today’s video, let’s tell you about the battle of Koenheiser in the first episode. In this battle, Emperor Andronikos II, who had lost the Battle of Koenhaeuser, The Battle of Kuyvenheuser took place immediately after the victory of Yeniseihar. That is, this great war that we will see at the beginning of the fourth season of Establishment Usman, this war started with several events. Osman B captured important fortresses such as İnegöl and Bilecik and established a headquarters at Yenisehir, close to a center such as Iznik. So when Emperor Andronikos II saw danger approaching him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 99(Season 4 Episode 1)

Kurulus Osman Episode 99(Season 4 Episode 1)

Emperor Andronikos II took action and sent an army under his trusted commander Mozulan. Also in this army Troops of the Regional Techforce were also involved. When Uthman Bey came to know about it Uthman B. fought this army on the way. And won a decisive victory. And also captured the fort of Patang. When Emperor Andronikos heard this, he became mad with rage. And last resort, heavy cavalry oppressed Agreed with the mercenary Catalan Company and their commander Roger de Flore and He sent his troops to Anatolia and ordered to destroy the Turks.

First, Roger attempted to wreak havoc on the Anatolian kingdoms in which
He was largely successful and carried out a great massacre. Heavily armed, these Catalan soldiers proved to be a dangerous enemy that the Turkmen soldiers were not used to.
Meanwhile, Osman Bey halted the expeditions to eliminate the threat and waited for Roger de Flore. Roger, on the other hand, continued to pillage Anatolia and even began raiding and pillaging Greek castles and villages, and There were even rumors that Roger de Flore would set up a kingdom in his own name when these words reached the emperor’s ears.
So Afterwards, the emperor hosted a grand dinner on behalf of Roger de Fleur and fed Roger de Fleur. Then He was killed during dinner. Roger de Flore’s army, left leaderless, along with Usman Bey’s organization, began to attack the emperor’s fortresses and spread great fear. This risk, which Emperor Andronikos took to eliminate Usman Bey, eventually turned into trouble for him. It is being said that Taksh is an actor Meanwhile, Nihat Altınkaya will play the role of Roger de Flore.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 99(Season 4 Episode 1) With Urdu & English Subtitles

Download Kurulus Osman Episodes in 1080 Resolution. Starting with Episode 1, (Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1) with English Subtitles and Urdu Subtitles is available on MultiPoint TV. Kurulus Osman Episode 99 is also available, but the trailer and maybe the live stream won’t be available until ATV uploads it with Turkish subtitles. This season will not be uploaded by ATV to their Youtube channel because they upload episodes after they’ve aired on TV, which is why we recommend you click the links to access them online before then.

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