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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 Summary

  • Will sheikh adabali leave the kurulus Osman upcoming episode in 88?
  • Osman when know of korniliya plan?
  • How Osman know the plan of Barkin bey?
  • Next plan of aryus?
  • One more question all of them in curiosity first shows about which reality?
  • How Osman bey sure the people which gundoz bey is innocent?

Let’s, first of all, talk about which shows the reality? In my point of view when aryus know the Osman bey doubts korniliya. then aryus kills the korniliya. Therefore Osman bey will reach time t Barkin bey and aryus.
In previous episode you watched
Kurulus Osman season 3 Episode 86 Cornelia takes poison from this old man and says that she will poison Mad with it. But now in episode 87 cornilya drinks the poison sheikh adabali .so will shkh adabali left the series .my point of view sheikh adabli not left the series.
In my point of view kumral abdal save the shaikh adabali life .kumral abdal destroys the poison effects and save adabali.
Because of more than one character of Osman bey side already left .means akcha kocha,awaz bey .omer bey, etc so in this critical moment sheikh adabali never left the series.

On the other way when kornilia told the Turgut bey

And know The old man says that after Mad’s death, Turgut and Gunduz will start fighting.
So the previous episode is very interesting.
S all of us my point f view .what is your opinion? Please share with me in the comments section .
Besides that
unfortunately upcoming episode trailer is not released in this weak. may be realised on Sunday to Tuesday in this weak.
During Osman bey and aryus fight Osman bey defeat the aryus and aryus run so when Osman bey will capture the aryus then nikola and his foji save aryus .
So now aryus may unity with Nikola Barkin bey and Gungor bey
One more question all of them in curiosity first shows about which reality?
In my point of view first shows Cornelia reality then black shadow man aryus and then barkin bey
Selwa hatun make fight Malhun and bala hatun . malhun hatun is very sad after her father’s funeral. Osman says that he will always be with Malhun and that he will revenge Umur. Osman then goes to talk to the Sultan
Selwa hatun tries to make fight bala hatun and malhun hatun.on the next scene Osman bey goes to the sultan
and tells him that his previous decision was unfair.
Malhun tries to kill Geyhatu, but Osman stops his wife. Sultan.
After omer bey and awaz bey death salwa hatun elect for new bey of khizel oba.
So then Barkin bey makes a marriage selwa hatun and then takes all in charge of khizel oba .

How Osman bey sure the people which gundoz bey is innocent?

First of all Osman bey know the gundoz bey iss innocent .but all of the enemy and black shadow man Ibrahim faki make to gundoz bey blam.
In previous episode Mari killing blame on gundoz bey .because all of the things gesture on gundoz bey
Osman says he isn’t certain about whether Gunduz is guilty or not. Turgut is extremely shocked to hear this and requests that Osman settle this case.
Ibrahim converses with his government agents and asks them to furtively bring explosives from apple sacks to the motel. then Ibrahim meets Nikola and tells them they plan. and make unity with. and the other way. Turgut goes to the palace for Mari’s burial service and says that he will observe the one who killed his significant other with Kosses.
After Abdal checked everything, he tells everyone that Mari was poisoned. Abdal says he found the bottle of poison in Gunduz’s tent. After Turgut hears this, he attacks Gunduz. While the soldiers in the tribe are trying to stop Turgut, Osman comes. Osman asks what is going on. Turgut tells that Gunduz killed Mari and her unborn child. Kosses immediately goes to Mari’s tent and sees his sister’s lifeless body. Kosses apologizes to his sister and says he regrets not being able to protect her
All of us in now Osman bey make a plain Turgut bey kosis to try a gundoz bey innocent.

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