Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 Summary

  • Will the Mongols join the upcoming fourth season?
  • What was the significance of the establishment of the Ottoman Empire by Mihal Kosses?

What was the significance of the establishment of the Ottoman Empire by Mihal Kosses?

In Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1, So let’s talk about him today. There were some rumors in the Kurulus Osman series that he will not be seen in the Kosis series from now on.
And he has left the series. So let me tell you – it wasn’t. In the third season, the script for the role of Koss was finished.
And in the series, it was said that he is now on a secret mission to Bursa. His duty at Bursa will end at the beginning of the fourth season.
After that, the few people who will be seen more prominently with Usman Bay in the fourth season will also include Kosis. He will give Usman Bay great intelligence in victories and wars.
And will affect the sky. This means that Koss will give such advice to Usman to destroy the enemy with sudden and shocking attacks and demoralize the enemy and go ahead and protect the army.
Koss will give a piece of advice to Usman Bay that we should form a military detachment that will suddenly attack the enemy army and demoralize it.
So the sky will command such a military contingent. And its first commander will be Abdullah Mehal Koss.

Will the Mongols join the upcoming fourth season?

Let’s talk about the Mongols now. From the first season of the juices to the third season, the influence and pressure of the Mongols is increasing or decreased. The Mongols strongly influenced the area during the Balagai and Togai periods. But now the Mongols will be included in the fourth season. But they will not remain in their former power. On Tuesday, however, they will be seen looting more and partnering with the Byzantine Takfurs.

And such an example we have already seen in the series is the Mongol pocket. Which came at the end of the third season. We have already seen that some Mongol commanders either wanted to seize power or were working for gold.
So all this was partially weakening the Mongol government. Besides, they know that their current ruler is a Muslim.

Therefore, due to this fact, the governors and commanders of Antalya do not have to accept Ghazan Khan. That is why they will often rebel. In the fourth season, Ghazan Khan will continue to send troops to Antalya to quell these uprisings. And will try to suppress the rebellion.

However, these uprisings will continue to directly benefit Usman Bay. Because Usman Bay has won many victories in a row. And has expanded its lands. And in Anatolia, the Turkmen tribes fleeing chaos have been housed under one roof, increasing the population.

It has also increased the power of Usman Bay. We will not be able to see Ghazan Khan in the coming fourth season but Usman Bay will also start questioning Ghazan Khan through his ambassadors let me tell you another thing Ghazan Khan’s era will not last long because He died in 1304.

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