Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1

  • When will the first poster of the fourth season of Kurulus Osman series be released?
  • What will Osmanbe’s picture look like in the fourth season?
  • When will the first episode of the fourth season be released?
  • Which new characters will be added to the series?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Poster Released

In Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1, First of all, when will the first poster for the fourth season of the series be released?
If we talk about the previous season, its first poster was released two weeks before its release.
So talking about the release of its first trailer, the date that is being told is October 10, 2022.

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So it can be estimated that the first poster for the fourth season of kurulus Osman Series can be released in the last week of September.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Trailer Released

Season 4Release DateMonth
Ist Poster29September
ist Trailer2 or 6October
Season 4 Episode 112october

While if we talk about the first trailer then the first trailer can be released in the first week of October and the first episode of the fourth season can be released in the second week of October meaning on the 10th of October.

There will be many changes in the upcoming fourth season but if we talk about Usman Bey’s new image, it will not change at all.
Because there can’t be a time jump at the beginning of the fourth season. However, the fourth season will pick up from where the third season started.

Because of the era that is being shown in the series, many important historical events are going to happen one after the other in this era.
Therefore, it is impossible to leave them, so it can be said considering all these things. That there will be neither time jump nor Usman Bey’s image has changed.

new poster

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Samsa Cavus

In the upcoming fourth season, many characters will be added to the series by Usman Bey.
As we are seeing in the series every season of the series some historical character is added.
So if you are going to add a historical character in the fourth season as well, in my experience, Samsa caves will now be re-introduced into the series.

It is possible that Ismail Haqi, who played the character in the first season, will no longer appear in the series, but will be replaced by another character.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Full Details Story

Viewers are eagerly waiting for the fourth season of the Kurulus Osman Series, and also for the fourth season.

The most interesting topic is the new actors and characters. According to information from some Turkish sources,
We have gathered information about some of the characters that we will see in the fourth season of the series. Some actors have received offers from Bozdog Productions.

. Some have joined the Kurulus Osman series while others have not yet been confirmed.
The nearby Alps of Osman Bay, not yet included in the series,

Akakuka, Kara Ali, Samsa Sargent, Hasan Alp and Kara Abdulrahman, So

Some of them may be added to the series in the next season. The upcoming fourth season will include many enemies and friends of Osman Bay.

What will happen in the 99th episode of the Kurulus Osman series?

A new fort is being prepared for the upcoming new season. Due to further development of the story of the fourth season
New characters and actors have been offered and a lot of work has increased on the sets. Some of the villains to be added in Season 4 of the series include Iznik Tekfur Nikoforos, Bursa Tekfur Vasilius, Mozulan, and the Mongol commander Javadar, the Shahshanshah’s dangerous commander Roger de Flore will be added.

The Mongol commander Javadar, who caused a lot of damage to Söğüt and its surroundings for a short time, will also be included in the series.

Also, Güngör and his Bey, Yakup, from Germiyanoğulları, appeared and disappeared in a few episodes in the 3rd season, In addition, the Kai tribe migrated to Yeni city. A new settlement will be developed.

Caner Cindoruk who is a famous Turkish actor is said to be cast in the series as Aznik Tekfur. Apart from this, the role of Hasan Alp can also be included and news is being given about the casting of a role for that too.

Sheikh Edabli’s second daughter will also be included in the series in the upcoming fourth season. So in this way offers will be made to various actors for these roles.

Additionally, the chieftains of the Germianoleri clan, Cup Bey, and his uncle, Gungor Bey, will be more active in the new season. After the blacksmith David’s role is over; Sulaiman Ustad will also be included in the series as a new dem.

on the other hand
The emperor had not paid much attention to Usman Bey so far, but
When Usman Bey had successively conquered Angle and Yenisehir.
The emperor understood that the situation had become very serious and now he

He will establish a very strong army of soldiers. And his
Usman, along with the Tekfors of the entire region, will attack Bey and the Kayi tribe to completely destroy them and erase them from history.
. . So that means there will be no time skip in the series. Because if we look at the linear events
We see that linear events are impossible to skip by time skipping because;
1303: Battle of Dumbos 1304: Conquest of Castile, Adranos, Battle of Cohensar 1304:

Siege of Iznik 1306 Sakarya Campaign 1307: harassing the Mongol commander Chawdaraka Osman.
Battle of Emperor Mikhail and Usman Bey. When we look at these events, we see that all these events happened one after the other

And all these events are very important in history. If there is a time skip,
At the end of the fourth season, as in season 3, a time jump can be made, and during
Orhan Bey and Holofera may be married.

bala hatun

Will Bala Hatoon and her child die?

First, if we assume that there won’t be a big time for the fourth season to start like In episode 99, important developments regarding the birth of Bala Hatun’s child will be shown.
Will Bala Hatoon’s child be born and will Bala Hatoon continue in the new season? As mentioned in the series, Bala Haton cannot have a child due to the injury.
So now according to my analysis unfortunately Bala Hatun’s child will die at birth.

According to history, we know that Bala Hatun had a son, but we also know that she was Bala Hatun’s only child in history. So in this way, Bala Hatun will lose her child in the new season. But the upper hand will continue in the series.

The reason I say this is that if you remember, according to history and this series, the reason for the marriage of Usman Bey and Malhun Hatun was actually not to inherit the kingdom from Bala Hatun.

And if at that time another child is to be born to Bala Hatun besides Aladdin Bey, So all the viewers of Cruels Usman series, then will raise the question of what was the need for Usman Bey to marry Malhon Hatun, so why?
According to my analysis, unfortunately, Bala Hatoon’s baby will be shown dead in the serial.

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