Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 142 with Urdu & English Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 142 with Urdu & English Subtitles.

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Kurlus Osman Season 5 episode 142 Summery

In Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 142. Hello Viewers! We want to tell you that this series is going to be more and more suspenseful and unbelievable magnificent. Because according to the reviews of production team and the actors of this series, the story of this series is going to be very exciting and heartbreaking that will let the fans to forget the previous seasons of this series.

According to my analysis, the character from the bad characters that will be killed first of all is going to be the character of Wasilyus. Who will be killed in the next episode or in the further upcoming episode. And snow you viewers would be desperate to know why the Wasilyus is going to be killed first. So the reason is that the Wasilyus has become the reason of many testimonies of many soldiers or you can say Alps of Osman bey.

After Wasilyus, Kara jela sun and Ustad Geera will be killed by turks. They wanted to kill the turks but they would be killed themselves. It is the result of every enemy of Muslims and Islam. I think the man who will kill the Kara Jela sun will be Orhan bey. This is beacause they have to make Orhan bey a main character of this series. And In every war they are showing Karasi bey, Orhan bey and Kara jela sun at the top.

So in this way, After Kara jela sun a Mongol Commander and Wasiliyus a crusaders spy, the Turk’s enemy who will killed is going to be Ustad Geera. According to my analysis Ustad Geera will be killed by Osman bey. But it will take some time. Because Ustad Geera will be appeared in  this series for a long time. As in the last episode you know that the Mongol Commander Kara Jela sun has been declared as a Governor of Konya by Aljeto Khan. And this thing is also going to be so much challenging for Osman bey and other Turks Chiefs.

Kara jela sun now is more powerful than before and now he will not stop from attacks on the Turks. And he will get more Army from Aljetu khan and Osman bey also knows thing and he is also preparing himself accordingly. He has Asked his soldiers to get ready for a war with Mongols and Crusaders. He is also asking the other chiefs to get ready and prepare their armies for war. The new guy who became chief after the death of his father Jandar bey, The brave chief Suleman bey is also with Osman bey. And he aslo has decided to give himself and his army with 7,000 soldiers in the command of Osman bey. And he trusts Osman bey more than his father.

As far as we talk about Yaqoob bey, so he will be killed by Mongols and will say good bye to this series. He is a traitor of Muslim Turks and Muslims took a lot of loss due to Yaqoob bey. And after this, in this series Gonja hatoon and Ala-u-din bey will get married and in this way these two tribes who are worst enemies now will unite each other’s.

Kurulus Osman Episode 142 With Urdu & English Subtitles

is going to be released on Wednesday 27-12-2023 live on ATV at 11 O Clock and you can watch in Urdu subtitle on Thursday at UrduSubtitle.

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