Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 143 in Urdu Subtitle.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 143 in Urdu Subtitle.

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 143 Summary.

In Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 143. Hello Guys!

What will be in the next episode of Kurulus Osman season 5? Is Osman Bey going to proclaim the Osmani Empire? On the other side, what will be the reaction of Yaqoob Bey to this? Will he watch all this happening quietly? Let me tell you that the White-bearded Muslim elders are back to this series again. So what big step is going to happen now? All the answers to these questions are included in this analysis, so please read this till the end. I am going to tell you about the role of Jarkutaye Alp in the upcoming video whether he will cheat on Osman Bey or not. And what about Orhan Bey, Ala-u-din Bey, Holofira, and Gonja Hatun? Will they be in the upcoming videos or not? But before starting this I have a request with all you viewers, please like, subscribe, and share our website and YouTube channel so that we can groom and can serve you more. So, let’s get started. First of all, let’s talk about our first question which is about the Osmani Empire, whether this empire will be developed in the upcoming episode 143 of season 5 or not. So let me tell you that as you can see after a long time White-bearded Muslim elders will appear in this series again and their entry will not be useless they are the Guiders of the Muslim nation and they are very pious and worshipers of Allah.

These white-bearded elders are always with those Muslims who sacrifice themselves for Allah almighty. In the time of Osman Bey’s father Ertugral Ghazi also appeared in the series and often Ertugral Ghazi went to meet them. These worshipers and Allah’s men always guide those brave Muslims who fight in the way of Allah to help the poor and oppressed people and kill the cruel people. These white-bearded elders Muslims often helped Ertugral Ghazi and Osman Bey in their difficult times. Remember a great personality Ibn-al-Arbi who always guided Ertugral Ghazi in his difficult times even when he saved Ertugral Ghazi from Mongols in Konya. And he made many of Ertugral Ghazi’s enemies true Muslims. For example, Byzantine commander Ares became Muslim in Konya by Ibn-al-Arbi and after being a Muslim his name was Ahmad, He fought with Ertugral Ghazi in many fights and was killed by Mongols.

So it’s time for a most important and big step and the Osmani Empire of Osman Bey will be developed. So guys the forts that are conquered by Osman Bey are Karachaisar, Enegol, Yani shehr, Beljik, Harmankaya, and the fort that was conquered by Koh-noor in this fifth season and many other forts. If you remember other forts then please mention them in the comment section. Besides this Osman Bey has a big army including ten thousand horse riders. Except this now Osman Bey has many more soldiers as you know in the previous episodes Osman Bey attacked a caravan of Mongols who bought weapons from Crusaders. And Osman Bey got those weapons from those Mongols and gave them to the other Turks and invited them to be involved in the war against the Mongols. In this way now Osman Bey is more powerful and has a greater army than before.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 143 in Urdu Subtitle.

will be released on Wednesday 03-01-2025  on ATV at aright 11 O Clock and you can watch in Urdu subtitles on Thursday at UrduSubtitle.

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