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In the satire “Not Okay“, there is mention at the beginning of admiring influencers so badly that it doesn’t make a difference how they are recognized. The main character in the Not Okay novel expresses this desire to be noticed due to the frustration of being ignored. The film contains flashing lights, it has traumatic themes and the main protagonist is not likable. These are all true. The unlikability of Danni Sanders, as portrayed by Zoey Deutch in Happy Death Day 2U, is not severe enough to warrant a warning. Yes, Danni is a jerk, but we get to see why she is with this book. We have gone through what it would be like for a 27-year-old woman in the workplace and are given an inside look at the corporate world. Danni is unlikable because she trivializes the real trauma that members of a support group suffer, including Mia Isaac’s Rowan who lost her sister to a school shooting. But the main protagonist has a more linear story arc, with her just not understanding where he was coming from, and she was off-put by his apathy. The movie ends with one titled “I don’t get a redemption arc.” I like the disclaimer at the start of an episode of Rick and Morty on Hulu. Some jokes may be offensive to watch, and some potty humor and explicit sexual content.

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Alone Together depicts the story of two strangers trying to book an Airbnb rental. They have both accidentally double booked and are looking for a place to escape a pandemic. The New York Times calls the film, written and directed by a female filmmaker and set in March 2020, a “quiet achievement: a film that isn’t running from reality.” It has been rated R and is available on demand. It is 98 minutes long and contains strong language.

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It snows all the time” follows the story of Brett, a man diagnosed with early-onset dementia. He married Lesley Ann Warren and they have children, Erich Hover and Sterling Knight, and come together to decide what to do.


The final screen appearance of Danny Aiello, “One Moment” tells the story of three siblings who are struggling to manage their lives while taking care of their stubborn, aging father.

Paradise Highway,

In the movie, “Paradise Highway,” Juliette Binoche agrees to transport a little girl in order to save her brother from an extremely deadly prison gang. Morgan Freeman is the FBI agent who is on her trail.


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