Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 With Urdu

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 With Urdu

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 With Urdu Summary

  • Important revelations about the balgai character?
  • Will Kayı Obası be abolished?
  • And everyone will go to Yenişehir?
  • Will other Tekfors support and join Usman Bay like Mihail Kosess?

Important revelations about the Balge character?

In Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 With Urdu, Hello viewers. Kurulus Osman fourth season is about two months away. First, let’s talk about the role of adulthood.

Balge, who was legendary in the series in the fourth season, can now re-enter the series in a paradigm shift. And he can fight hard with Usman Bay.

Many of you will wonder if the adult is not dead yet. So let us tell you about it.
So if you have considered the last episode 26 of the first season of the Carolus Usman series, Sofia and Bulgai both wanted to kill Usman Bay.

So there Usman Bay wounded Balga with his sword, then Usman Bay attacked Sofia and the black devils and after that, this episode will end there.

In the 27th episode, Usman escapes from Sofia’s trap with the help of Beboran.

After that, it was not mentioned in the series about Bulgae that Bulgae has died.
I don’t think the adult, who only had one scratch, definitely died.
And will return at a time when everyone will forget it, just as Baycu Noyan returned to Diriliş Ertuğrul.

To this day, Usman Bay has always beheaded his greatest enemies to ensure their death, as shown in the K series. Such as Nicola, Togai, Arius, Barkin, Petraeus, and Romanos, but Osman Bay’s greatest enemy, Balgeka, was not seen beheaded.

So that’s why I think Bulgai is not dead. He must have got up and run away injured. I don’t think the adult will be included in the series again at the beginning of the fourth season but after 5-10 episodes. The comment section will definitely tell you what you think about it.

Will Kayı Obası be abolished?

On the other hand, Usman Bay’s main goal is to capture the Byzantine city of Bursa so that he can consolidate his power and advance his state.

Usman B now needs to build a strong headquarters for his army. So now he will set up his headquarters in the city of Annie. And would like to get as close to Bursa as possible to conquer Bursa.

And everyone will go to Yenişehir?

Yenişehir, which was conquered by Usman Bay in the last episode of the Tassa season, is very important in the victory of Bursa. In order to monitor both Bursa and Aznik from Yenişehir.

You will see in the coming fourth season that Uthman will take the whole Kayı Obası to Yenişehir, where he will have settled.

Yenişehir will be the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and Yenişehir will be the starting point for all operations.

Will other Tekfors support and join Usman Bay like Mihail Kosess?

I don’t think Usman Bay will command more operations. On the contrary, Usman B will take part in big and important controversies. And Connor, Turgut, Aktimore and Kosis will obey Usman Bay.

As a result of the campaigns in the Sakaria region, with the support of Gazi Mihail, Lefke’s Takfuro will decide to join Usman Bay and Lefke’s fortress will thus be moved peacefully.


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